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things to know

Bike types


The handbike is powered by the strength of the arms. It is the perfect piece of sports equipment for amateur and competitive sports. Even a moderately trained or untrained wheelchair user can easily cover several kilometers on a handbike.

Competitive sports are also developing and at the same time the limits of what is possible are being pushed further and further. Since 2004, handcyclists have been represented at the Paralympic Games. This does not mean that the possibilities of the handbike have been exhausted. Recent developments show that the handbike is also enjoyed by people without disabilities.

Special features of the handbike
The handbike is equipped with a gear shift, which is easy to operate. With the help of the gears, slopes can be overcome more easily. A distinction is made between two basic types: the pretensioned bike, where the wheel can be mounted on almost any standard wheelchair, and the racing bike, which does not require a wheelchair.


With this "double bike" it is possible for blind and visually impaired people to practice the sport together with pilot riders.

Two-wheeler and tricycle

The question of which bike suits whom must be clarified on an individual basis. Thanks to a variety of technical solutions, riding a two-wheeler is now possible for people with amputations, limb damage and cerebral movement disorders. People with severe balance disorders, such as cerebral palsy, usually use racing tricycles for their sport.

Paracycling classification

On October 1, 2010, the current classification of physical limitations in paracycling was introduced. This classification is carried out by the UCI in coordination with the guidelines of the classification of the IPC.

The 14 categories are in turn differentiated by discipline, with the highest impairment designated by the lowest digit:

Category Cycling C1 – C5

are the categories of racing cyclists (two-wheelers)

Category Tandem B

Tandem for visually impaired persons, riding with a pilot without visual impairment.

Category Handbike H1 – H5

is the class of wheelchair riders who ride lying down or kneeling, propelling the handbike with their arms.

Category Tricycle T1, T2

For tricyclists there are categories T1 and T2.

For women and men, respectively, a "W" and an "M" are placed in front of the classification designation.

Parking Facilities

There are sufficient signposted parking spaces available at each venue. Here is an overview of the parking spaces available: 


Lochen am See



Unfortunately no spectators are admitted!

Due to the current situation, we ask for your understanding that no spectators are admitted to the event for 2021. For all interested parties and relatives, we therefore offer the possibility to follow the event via our live stream.
2022 we are looking forward to having you all there again: 26-29.5.2022

Information for participants

To fully enable contact-tracing all athletes, team members and others will be registered compulsory daily at the accreditation desk. 

It is mandatory within the complete event area (indoor and outdoor) to keep 2 m Distance, FFP2 masks and ensure hygiene measures. Allowed exception:
No mask from start of the race till end of the race (finishing line).
No 2 m distance after start of the race till end of the race (finishing line).

The daily proof of a negative test, vaccination or recovery in German or English language allows accessing and participation of the event.

Detailed information on the Covid 19 prevention measures can be found in the News section of our news article Covid-19-Information


The UEC European Paracycling Championships will take place on the same course as the Upper Austria Cycling Tour. As an inclusion event we are happy about the unique opportunity to bring together the elite from Europe in paracycling exclusively in Upper Austria together with the athletes with amateur or masters license or ÖRV BikeCARD holders. More information can be found at 

Become a Volunteer - WE WANT YOU!

Our inclusion competition offers the best paracycling athletes in Europe breathtakingly beautiful and, above all, challenging routes in the various categories - handbike classes, road bike, tandem and tricycle classes. The 2021 European Championships will take place in Schwanenstadt, Lochen am See, Pichl bei Wels and Peuerbach/Steegen in Austria from June 3 to 6, 2021. Parallel to this, the Upper Austria Cycling Tour is planned.
In order to successfully organize and handle an event of this magnitude, we need a lot of helping hands from interested applicants. If you want to get a glimpse behind the scenes of a European-level inclusion event, gain vast experience that goes far beyond a boring internship, and meet people from more than 30 countries, then you are in the right place as a volunteer at the UEC Paracycling European Championships 2021 and/or 2022. Whether in athlete support, logistics, media center, video shooting, social media support or set-up and tear-down - the possibilities are almost unlimited.
Basically, everyone is welcome to get involved as a helper.
For this event we are especially looking for helpers with the following profile:
- Knowledge in the field of sports and event management would be an advantage
- Friendly, helpful and committed
- Minimum age 16 years
- Good knowledge of English
- Knowledge of other foreign languages is an advantage
If you are interested, please contact Stefanie Mayrhuber at with your experience and what you would like to do for us.